Session 2:

Session 2

Session 2 (16 October 2013)

Location, Date, and Time

Woods along the eastern edge of the Westwatch Vale

First Justice, Third Tenday of Rebirth, 1694 AE



  • The group briefly loses the tracks of the warparty. While searching for the tracks, they spot a goblin hiding in the brush. An interrogation of the goblin reveals he is part of a warband that attacked Bran the farmer. The goblin also says that the goblinoid warband “freed” two bugbears and a goblin that had been Bran’s “slaves.”
  • The group uses information from the goblin to find the warband’s encampment. The initial attempt to scout the camp is botched, and Targ and Kiitos act quickly to escape danger when they are confronted by the warband’s hobgoblin leader and a contingent of almost ten goblinoids.
  • The party regroups, devises a couple of diversions to distract some members of the camp, and then launches an assault to free the bugbears and goblin from a makeshift prison in the middle of the camp.
  • The party dispatches the hobgoblin leader (Krazer), his bugbear bodyguard, and a band of goblins during the fight, though Valen is grievously wounded. The goblins who had been distracted by the diversions return only long enough to see what became of their warband commander and then flee.
  • After Valen is stabilized, the group frees the goblinoid prisoners. The bugbears are both injured – one of them critically. They are brothers named Aag and Baag. Aag, explains that they are farmhands loyal to Bran and were captured against their will. They were both injured in the fight against Krazer’s warband. Zevin, the goblin with Aag and Baag, is angry about the party’s actions and claims that he is a “slave” to Bran.
  • Valen heals Aag and Baag and the group spends the evening in the encampment resting.
  • Conversations with Aag and Baag, the interrogation of the goblin scout, and the brief encounter with Krzaer all indicate the warband’s intent is to free the goblinod “slaves” around Westwatch. Of course, these slaves are actually indentured servants according to the Tarsalian laws they agreed to during the War of Man, but the warband obviously does not share these views.
  • Aag, Baag, and Zevin also reveal that two of Bran’s teenage sons – Samuel and Kaleb – were also taken prisoner during the attack on Bran’s wagons. Krazer brought the sons back to the encampment briefly before turning them over to a female dwarven paladin (a Red Knight) of Arn. She was accompanied by two male dwarven warriors, a hobgoblin, a bugbear, and a goblin.
  • After discussing their options, the group decides it’s best to return to Westwatch with their information and to stock up on supplies.
  • When they return, they find Carla – Bran’s wife – in the center of the market, proclaiming to a large crowd that the goblinoid servants in Westwatch should be rounded up and killed. Some of the crowd shouts in agreement.


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