Westwatch Map and Key Locations

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1. Westwatch Stables
The Westwatch stables was once a viable business. In recent years it has fallen into disrepair. Maintenance and upkeep for the stables is now subsidized by the Office of Guards. The 67th Company’s 1st Shield Platoon is charged with staffing the stables. The Daywatch (1st Shield Squad) mans it during the day, and it is closed during the evening.

2. The Cracked Dice
The Cracked Dice is owned by a former smuggler, Eric Cale. Eric is a older man with a stoic demeanor. Occasionally he exhibits some regret and resentment about settling down. He met his late wife during a trip to Westwatch. She died giving birth to their twins – Jamen and Jaime. Rather than go back to his smuggling ways, Eric settled in Westwatch and opened the Cracked Dice. During the War of Man it was a bustling business. Now it barely stays open. Eric, Jamen, and Jaime all share the duties and responsibilities of keeping the gambling hall running. Jaime and Jamen Cale are young adults. Both are restless about leaving Westwatch and have asked their dad if they can move to Bragdon proper.

3. Guild Hall
The guild hall serves as a common meeting place for various professionals who operate in Westwatch and the immediate area. It is used by lawyers, merchants, craftsmen, and the like. The guild hall also serves as a training hall for apprentices who are learning their trades.

4. The Rested Head Inn

5. Market

6. Last Stop Shoppe

7. Hearth and Anvil

8. Crossroads Tavern

9. Office of the Guards
Responsible for the defense of Westwatch and policing action in Westwatch and the surrounding environ. Commanded by Captain Erus Hall.

10. Burgomaster’s Home

11. Temple of Tassadar the Creator

12. Office of Scales

13. Westwatch Warehouse

14. Docks

15. Pier

16. Tower Island

17. Windmill

Westwatch Map and Key Locations

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