Thetan is the name given to the world and to the world’s only known continent. The continent consists of a number of major political entities and regional areas.

The origin of the world is uncertain. The elves claim that it was formed from the raw energies and material of the four elements. According to the clergy of the Holy Church of the One True God, Tassadar created the world so that mortals could balance the cosmic forces of good and evil. Countless other creation myths exist.

The elves, gnolls, and droch were the first races to walk the lands. They were followed by the Children of Thetan ( goblinoids, humans, grasswalkers, and dwarves).

Born in the Valley of Life, most of the Children of Thetan eventually came together to establish the Empire of Thetan. Although the heart of the empire was located in the valley, at its height the Empire of Thetan spanned from the western coast of the continent to the eastern edge of the Crown of Thetan and also included portions of the Desert of Regret.

However, an extensive war between Sarphil the Serpent Lord and the Empire of Thetan left the empire in ruins. Almost one thousand seven hundred spans have passed since the dissolution of the Empire of Thetan. Since that time, the Children of Thetan have spread across the world.

Ten years ago, the War of Man came to an end. The goal of the war was for the Kingdom of Tarsalia to conquer all human lands – a goal nearly accomplished. Virtually no part of the world was left untouched. The impact of the war has left the peoples of the world in dire situations as they battle for territory, natural resources, and survival.

It is Midlight, 1693 A.E. and the Call of the Shield has been issued by the Kingdom of Tarsalia. As the peoples of the world look to the power and dominance of the Kingdom of Tarsalia, all of Thetan seems poised for conflict.


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