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Tiefling Mage Sage
Kiitos is the bastard child of an Aristocratic human woman who was raped by a Tiefling. The woman and her family raised Kiitos but treated him as an outsider. In childhood, he demonstrated unusual talents that bordered between magical and demonic. Despite this, his behavior was good and became an excellent student. The family provided well for Kiitos but sent him to a boarding school at a young age.

After many years away from the family, Kiitos was determined to self-finance his secondary schooling. For this reason, he joined the military officer’s training corps and received a minor bursary to the University at Ramsden. However, the stipend it provided was small and he occasionally borrowed from his family wealth. While at the university, he began his foray into sorcery. He excelled because of an uncanny ability to decipher ancient and foreign spell books. He acquired knowledge he was yet incapable of using — stoking his desire to continue his progress in the discipline.

After secondary school, Kiitos began an apprenticeship at the Great Library of Ramsden, where he worked as a translator of ancient texts. He used this role to prepare for further training in sorcery with the great masters who frequently visited the library. Before advancing in magic, however, he was required to fulfill his military obligation by taking a commission and serving at one of the many outposts in the Kingdom of Tarsalia.

Kiitos chose Westwatch because of it’s proximity to the West Marches. This region is of great personal and private importance to him. In order for Kiitos to advance his sorcery studies, he must confront this world of demons and goblins.

Kiitos carries marginal amounts of Tiefling blood, but he still displays the defining qualities — small horns and a slender tail. He often uses the folds of his robe and hood to hide these features, but they are still noticeable to anyone more than a passer-by.

Human Bard (Valor) Soldier

Half-orc Paladin Guide

Human Paladin Nomad, follower of Shaldwin

Player Characters

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