Thetan is the name given to the world and to the world’s only known continent. The continent consists of a number of major political entities and regional areas.

The Borderlands – also known as Z ararli’s Wall – is an unnatural range of hills that borders the eastern and southern extents of the Desert of Regret. The Borderlands is a barren wasteland that makes travel between the Inner Plains and the Desert of Regret extremely difficult. Like the Desert of Regret, the Borderlands was formed by the power and taint of Zararli.

Crown of Thetan
The Crown of Thetan is the east-west range of mountains located along the continent’s northern coast and all of the lands of the northern coast itself. The mountains are home to kobolds and troglodytes – the draconic races that worship Sarphil, the Dragon-King.

Desert of Regret
The Desert of Regret is home to Thetan’s elves – a people touched by the elements of fire, water, air, and earth. Though some elves settle around the rare oasis, most roam the desert as nomads, traveling where food and fair weather can be found. The desert is also home to the zarar, evil cousins of the elves who worship Zararli, the Dark Spirit. The Desert of Regret, carved from lush woodlands known as the First Forests, was formed thousands of spans ago by the dark touch of Zararli.

Droch Marsh
The Droch Marsh is home to scores of droch tribes that war amongst themselves for territory. The marshes are a primitive, dangerous land where few civilized folk venture.

Endless Spines
The Dwarven Confederation (also known as the Confederation of Clans) is a loose-knit alliance of dwarven clans created in recent years as a counterbalance to the Kingdom of Tarsalia. The confederation includes dwarves from all clans except Clan Cobalos. The Dwarven Confederation is located throughout the Endless Spines mountain range.

Field of Blood
The Field of Blood is a wasteland where massive armies battled over 1500 years ago for the fate of the ancient Thetan Empire. Today the Field is a dangerous land of roaming undead, demons, and devils.

Gnoll Packs
Though fewer in number than most of the other races of Thetan, gnoll packs can be found in forests and wooded plains, hills, and mountains all across the continent. There are no major population concentrations of gnolls, though they occasionally assimilate into other cultures.

Goblinoid Hordes
Goblinoid Hordes are found all across the continent of Thetan, though the War of Man pushed many hordes to the periphery of Tarsalia. The hordes carve out their homes in woodlands, hills, mountains, and plains – any place where territory can be claimed. Hordes are usually led by hobgoblins, though goblins make up the vast majority of the hordes’ numbers. Most hordes are relatively small, with populations typically in the hundreds and seldom over a few thousand.

Golden Isles
The Golden Isles is a plutocracy, consisting of a chain of Islands in the Shining Sea, two dominions (one on the Tarsal Coast and the other on the Crown’s Reach), and an archipelago of colony islands called the Endless Isles. Although dominated by human merchants, the Golden Isles is also home to a great many diverse peoples. Having flourished for many spans as Thetan’s great naval power, the Golden Isles represent an economic and philosophical rival to Tarsalia.

Low Country
The Low Country was formerly known as the Greengrass Lowlands. Following the War of Man, it was absorbed by Tarsalia and became one of the kingdom’s three territories. The Low Country is an extremely fertile low-lying area of criss-crossing rivers flowing from the Endless Spines. It is the historical homeland of the grasswalkers.

The primary political entity of Thetan is the Kingdom of Tarsalia. The kingdom was recently established through the combination of seven separate human lands and three dominions, following a great conflict known as the War of Man. Tarsalia stretches from the eastern coast (commonly called the Tarsal Coast), between the north-south mountain range of the Endless Spines, through the continent’s Inner Plains, and to the western coast (commonly called the Caru Coast). Tarsalia is a human-centric kingdom dedicated to the monotheistic worship of the god called Tassadar.

Valley of Life
The Velley of Life is where all the peoples of the world were born. It was home to the Thetan Empire, though that empire has long since been destroyed. Little is known of the valley now, though according to legend the fortress city of Luchen’behr lived on long after the empire fell.

Barrier Sea
Located along Thetan’s cliff-face western shore, the Barrier Seas consist of a massive barrier reef and a chain of extremely active volcanic islands, which is collectively known as the Maw of Ruin. The weather over the Barrier Seas is just as deadly, consisting of massive thunderstorms and extremely strong winds. Seismic activity is common within the seas, often resulting in tidal waves that crash against the cliffs of western Thetan. Heavy fogs often develop over the Barrier Seas and settle over the western coast of the continent for long periods of time. Navigation of the Barrier Seas is all but impossible and beyond its volcanic islands, the sea is completed uncharted.

Crown’s Waters
The Crown’s Waters refers to all the bodies of water that border the Crown’s Coast. These waters are deadly cold and often filled with icebergs that originate, presumably, from glaciers located further north.

Sarphil’s Sea
Sraphil’s Sea is fed by the countless rivers of the Droch Marsh. Although also known as the Serpent’s Sea, Sarphil’s Sea – a name given to the body of water by the droch inhabitants of the Droch Marsh – is the term more commonly used. The sea is difficult to navigate with rough waters and dangerous currents that flow from the Barrier Seas.

Shaldwin’s Sea
Shaldwin’s Sea, also known as the Eastern Sea, includes all the waters east of the continent of Thetan and the Shining Sea. It is known for its friendly waters, though the farther east one travels the more unpredictable the weather and currents become. Other than a few prized maps owned by the merchant guilds of the Golden Isles, the eastern expanses of Shaldwin’s Sea are largely uncharted.

Shining Sea
The Shining Sea stretches from Platinum Bay to the island nation of the Golden Isles. It is known for its fair waters and the brilliant purplish gold hue it casts at sunrise and sunset.


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