Dwarves are shapers and workers of the earth. While other Children of Thetan may share a special affinity with nature, dwarves possess the innate ability to understand and manipulate the world around them.

Dwarves live in matriarchal societies ruled by queens who presides over clans. There are eight Dwarves clans, all based in the Endless Spines mountain range and the surrounding lands. When marriages between clans occur, families are formed.

Following the War of Man, the dwarves clans warred amongst themselves. In the season of Rebirth of 1691 A.E., seven of the eight dwarf clans formed the Confederation of Clans. The loosely-knit dwarf confederation has held together over the past two years.

Personality: Though dwarven personalities vary by clan and family, in general they are a serious, patient, and quiet folk. Other races typically regard dwarves as dour and stubborn. Dwarves seldom make quick decisions, but once a decision has been made, they stay with it.
Description: Dwarves are slightly shorter than humans on average, and they are dense and well-muscled. Female Dwarves are shorter and lighter than males. Dwarves have broad faces, with flat noses and rough skin. Dwarves are hairless, while their complexion and eye color are determined by their clan.

Relations: Dwarven relationships are complex and varied, deriving from a combination of their clan and to a lesser extent the individual and their family. Many clans have ancient alliances and enmities with other clans.

In regard to other races, dwarves are typically reclusive but not to the point of xenophobia. Dwarves have had a wide variety of relationships with humans, ranging from close alliances and partnerships to outright war. Their relations with grasswalkers and gnolls are similarly diverse, though when enmities develop they are typically not as extreme. In general, dwarves have a strained relationship with elves, which dates back to the Fall of the Thetan Empire and the decimation of the noble Clan Platina. However, individual dwarves and elves – when they do come into contact, which is rare – often form amicable relations. Dwarves are cautious of the goblinoid races. They avoid droch whenever possible.

Alignment: Ethically, dwarves are predominately lawful and almost never chaotic. Morally, dwarves tend to be neutral, though many dwarves are good or evil.

Lands: Dwarves inhabit the Endless Spines, the great mountain range that stretches across Thetan’s southern extent. A few dwarves have recently re-established small settlements in the Crown of Thetan. While not unknown in the realms of men, there are no significant dwarves establishments outside of their mountainous domains.

Religion: Dwarves are extremely devout. Almost every facet of their lives is tied to worship in some way. While the race is polytheistic, believing in the Pantheon of Thetan, all dwarves choose a specific deity as their patron. At birth, dwarven children are almost always dedicated to the patron deity of their parents. It is almost completely unheard of for parents to worship different deities.

Dwarven Clans

Dwarves divide themselves into eight clans: Argentum, Aurum, Cobalos, Cuprum, Ferrum, Nickel, Plumbum, and Stannum.

Nothing is more important in Dwarves life than clan affiliation. Each of the clans is ruled by a queen of noble blood, meaning that the queen’s ancestors all trace their lineage only to the clan in question.

Throughout dwarven history, only one additional clan is known to have existed: Clan Platina. In the early years of dwarven history, when the clans still inhabited the mountains of the Crown of Thetan, Clan Platina ruled over all other clans. Clan Platina was considered the most noble, most prestigious, and the strongest of all clans. However, it was clan Platina that ventured too far below the mountains of the Crown of Thetan and unearthed the prison that had held Sarphil, the Dragon Lord. Clan Platina fought with Sarphil, allowing for the escape of all other Dwarves clans, but the battle with Sarphil left Clan Platina decimated. Many Dwarves have claimed descent from Clan Platina; however, no claim has ever been substantiated.

Clan Argentum: Clan Argentum is ruled by Queen Argenta, a venerable dwarven priestess of Tassadar. More so than any clan, Clan Argetum is obsessed with pure heritage, and no dwarves supports this philosophy more than Queen Argenta.

Clan Aurum: Clan Aurum is ruled by Queen Auriole, the youngest of the dwarven queens. Clan Aurum is the smallest of the dwarf clans in terms of population. The clan has strong historical ties to Clan Cuprum.

Clan Cobalos: Clan Cobalos is ruled by Queen Pacquita. Queen Pacquita is a beautiful bard and twin sister to the famous dwarven explorer, Garrek of Cobalos. Clan Cobalos is the only clan that did not enter into the Confederation of Clans, and it is largely considered an outcast clan by other dwarves.

Clan Cuprum: Clan Cuprum is ruled by Queen Rufine, who is the most famous dwarf in the world of Thetan and who is often called the “Queen of the Dwarves” by non-dwarven peoples. Clan Cuprum is the most populous of the clans though it has an extremely low number of noble-blooded Dwarves. Because of the number of dwarves who trace ancestry back to Clan Cuprum and the resulting physical characteristics for those dwarves, non-dwarven peoples often refer to dwarves collectively as “Copper Folk.” This is usually viewed as a derogatory term by dwarves not related to Clan Cuprum.

Clan Ferrum: Clan Ferrum is ruled by Queen Salvina, a diviner who ascended to the throne under mysterious circumstances. Clan Ferrum is best known for the considerable skill of its mages.

Clan Nickel: Clan Nickel is ruled by Queen Nonna, the warrior-queen who is said to be stronger and fiercer than any dwarven male. Clan Nickel mirrors the warrior-ways of its queen. The clan consists of career soldiers, scouts, and warrior-priests who wander the Endless Spines in search of goblinoid and droch warbands.

Clan Plumbum: Clan Plumbum is officially ruled by Queen Cyrilla; however, due to the Queen’s young age (eight years), the clan is effectively ruled by Vicereine Pro’An Solder of Clan Plumbum. The Vicereine’s family ancestry – and therefore lack of noble blood – has been an issue for many of Clan Plumbum’s nobles. Despite this, the vicereine has the full support of young Queen Cyrilla.

Clan Stannum: Clan Stannum is ruled by Queen Augusta, the eldest of the dwarven queens. Clan Stannum suffered significant losses in the Clan War and as such turned to an isolationist policy. It joined the Confederation of Clans only as a means of survival.

Clan Physical Appearnce

Complexion: Very fair (almost white)
Eye Colors: Translucent

Complexion: Shades of light browns with tinges of yellow
Eye Colors: Gold

Complexion: Fair with tinges of silver
Eye Colors: Silver

Complexion: Ruddy copper and bronzed
Eye Colors: Reddishbrown

Complexion: Fair with tinges of silver
Eye Colors: Silver

Complexion: Light grays with tinges of silver
Eye Colors: Silver

Complexion: White with tinges of gray
Eye Colors: Light blues and grays

Complexion: Light grays with tinges of silver
Eye Colors: Silver


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