Almost all civilizations across the world of Thetan use a derivative of the calendar created by the Empire of Thetan. The calendar dates to the fall of the empire, and as such dates are expressed in A.E., or “After the Empire.”

Across the world of Thetan, time is measured in days, nine=days, seasons, and years. A day (also known as a passing) is 24 hours long and measured by the rise and fall of Hurs (or the sun).

Years (also known as a spans) are 360 days long, and signify a full revolution of the world of Thetan around Hurs. The year is subdivided into four seasons (or moonflights), which are each 90 days long.

The seasons are Rebirth, Fire Fall, Descension, and Cold Fall. Each season is further divided into ten nine-days.

Each season is measured not only in days but also by a full cycle of Veles – the moon of light. Each season begins when Veles is in her full lunar phase, and these full lunar phases also mark key holidays throughout the world.

The season of Rebirth is the beginning of a new year. Its first day and full lunar phase is the holiday known as New Light. This holiday is a time of celebration for the upcoming year. Rebirth is time for growth throughout the world.

The season of Fire Fall is the hottest time of the year. Its first day and full lunar phase is the holiday known as Brightlight. This holiday serves as final festival for the celebration of Rebirth.

The season of Descension is the time of harvest. Its first day and full lunar phase is the holiday known as Midlight. This holiday is a time of celebration, marking the end of Fire Fall and the beginning of the second half of the year.

The season of Cold Fall is the coldest, and often harshest, time of the year. Its first day and full lunar phase is the holiday known as Reflection. This holiday is a time for celebrating the harvest, but it is also a time for personal introspection.

The names of the days of each nine-day have been passed down since the time of the Empire of Thetan, when the calendar of Thetan was first created. The names were given in reverence to the nine gods, and for that reason they even include references to evil gods of the Pantheon of Thetan. However, many people have replaced those names with local or regional alternatives. Additionally, there has been a movement by the Kingdom of Tarsalia through the Holy Church of the One True God to officially rename the days of the nine-day.

The style of writing dates differs from region to region, though most still follow the style introduced by the Empire of Thetan, illustrated by the following example: Warding, Third Nine-day of Rebirth, 1680 A.E. The only major exception are dates that include holidays. Those are generally written as follows: New Light, 1680 A.E.

Day Name, God of Dedication, Official Day Name in Tarsalia
Warding, Kryphon, First Justice
Dove’s Day, Phelyssa, Honor’s Day
Way, Tira, Valor’s Day
Justice, Tassadar, High Justice
Greenlyn, Shaldwin, Mid-Justice
Ax High, Arn, Strength’s Day
Firepass, Kaakrondus, Law’s Day
Truth’s Day, Charmagne, Truth’s Day
Nine’s Eve, Mortai, Justice-Eve


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