Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Realm: Warrior’s Hall
Epithets: The Blood Lord, Wager of Wars
Portfolio: Battle, courage, fury, smiths, strength, war
Holy Weapon: Longsword
Holy Symbol: Blood stained longsword

Arn is a hasty, temperamental, and powerful male. Despite Arn’s chaotic tendencies, the Wager of Wars is a god of not only courage but also honor. He will not engage an unarmed or otherwise greatly disadvantaged foe unless necessary.

The Blood Lord dwells in the realm of Warrior’s Hall, a transitive realm that serves as a gate between the Inner Astral Currents and the Outer Astral Currents. Warrior’s Hall is the final gathering place for some of the greatest warriors of all time.

Arn is the brother of Tassadar. Like many brothers, they are the best of friends and the most bitter of rivals. The two often discuss the proper time and place for courage, valor, honor, and strength, specifically while on the field of battle. Inevitably, their conversations usually end in – at the very least – the exchange of heated words. The other gods – especially Kryphon – have had to intercede in these arguments on multiple occasions.

Arn’s relationship with Kryphon, Phelyssa, Shaldwin, and Tira can best be described as standoffish. He seldom travels to their realms unless his skills and prowess in combat are requested.

Arn and his followers are constantly at war with the evil forces of Kaakrondus and Mortai. The Blood Lord has fallen pray to the devious illusions and charming wiles of Charmagne on many occasions. He especially hates Charmagne’s trickery and deceit, though he often finds himself captivated by her beauty and silken voice.

Deity’s Avatar
Arn seldom travels to the realms of mortals. However, whenever and wherever a battle or war is taking place, one can rest assured that Arn is watching. Countless tales across different cultures around the world tell of how the Wager of Wars will occasionally fight within a great war while wearing the facade of a common soldier. Interestingly, it is common for both sides of a conflict to make such claims, and therefore these stories are often discounted.

When, on the few occasions that Arn does walk the mortal realm, he appears as a massive male
with corded muscles and countless battle scars. He goes unarmored or wears a simple suit of tough, weathered leathers (allowing him a full range of motion during combat), and he is never without his longsword, Kravix the Foe Slayer. When massive battles reach a conclusion, it is said that Arn sheds a tear of blood – the blood of the men and women who died on the field of battle.

Though he is the god of war, Arn does not endorse or look favorably upon conflicts spawned from corrupt, selfish, or evil deeds. When combat begins, though, he thrusts aside any opinion of its origin and simply watches with sincere interest. His dogma, therefore can be summarized as: When the first strike of war is dealt, fight – fight hard – remembering that courage, skill, and strength bring victory. Nothing is more glorious than the victory
of battle.

The Church
Of the Nine Powers, none has a church as unorganized as that of Arn. In fact, worshipers of
Arn seldom establish or frequent a temple to their god. Priests and holy warriors dedicated to the teachings of Arn prefer lives of religious introversion. The common exception is for those called to lead crusades in the name of Arn and the teachings of the Wager of Wars’ church. These warpriests are typically called Crusaders of the Way or Red Knights. Though the structure of Arn’s faith is loose and orderless (at best in most occasions) a few common titles do exist in more urban or populated areas.

Cleric Level, Title
1 – 5 Warfellow
6 – 10 Blood Brother/Sister
11 – 15 Herald of Battle
16 – 20 Blood Father/Mother
21+ War Liege

Paladin Titles
Crusaders of the Way, Red Knights

Weapons of Arn

Slayvis The Red Arrow, Last of the Blood Tongues
During The Night Forever, when the serpentine servants of Sarphil ran rampant across the Glens of Koliaris and attacked the Great Citadel atop Mount Darcadia, the War God, Arn, fitted his mighty long bow with his legendary Blood Tongues. These arrows – a quiver full of the mighty missiles – were blessed with the gift to slay the most hideous and powerful of Sarphil’s minions. The shaft of the Red Arrow appears to be silver laced, as it shimmers with a constant gleam. The arrowhead itself gives the missile its name, as it is the color of deep, red blood.

In combat, Slayvis the Red Arrow (the only of the Blood Tongues to survive The Night Forever) possesses a Bane against creatures and servants of Sarphil. Also, the arrow is blessed with Holy power and is capable of traveling twice the normal distance of a common arrow.

Kravix the Foe Slayer, Blood Sword of Arn
In all the tales of Arn’s legendary exploits of courage in battle, no single aspect is more closely associated with the War God than Kravix the Foe Slayer. The Blood Sword of Arn is a massive great sword that appears to be worn, weathered, and battered. Its blade is almost dull from constant warfare, and it is tinged with the crimson hue of blood from one thousand foes.

In battle, the sword possesses the ability to cleave through a group of opponents. However, the sword’s most deadly feature is its vorpal ability – the ability to decapitate any foe with a skilled blow.


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