Session 3

Session 3

Session 3 (30 October 2013)

Location, Date, and Time
Honor’s Day, Third Tenday of Rebirth, 1694 AE


  • Bran the farmer’s wife – Carla – has gathered a group of three or four dozen people together in Westwatch’s open air market. Most of the people are humans, but a large number of grasswalkers are also present. Carla is shouting for the imprisonment of the “goblin scum” – clearly referring to all goblins. A few of the humans and most of the grasswalkers shout in agreement.
  • When Carla sees the group, she runs toward them, obviously recognizing Aag, Baag, and Zevin. She screams at them, demanding to know what has become of her sons, Kaleb and Samuel.
  • The group eventually calms Carla down, despite Zevin’s best attempts to rile the woman up. During the conversation, Captain Erus Hall arrives on the scene to break up the crowd.
  • Kiitos convinces Carla to release Aag, Baag, and Zevin into his possession, if the group can successfully recover Kaleb and Samuel.
  • Captain Hall tells the group that he wants to meet with them later to hear a full report of their findings and discuss future plans for the defense of Westwatch.
  • In the meantime, the group stocks up on supplies. During a trip to the Last Stop Shoppe, Valen meets a family from the Domain. They exchange pleasantries, and the family informs Valen about a resistance group that has emerged to fight against the rule of Tarsalia. The group is focused in the Duchies of Tarsal and Ramsden.
  • The group meets with Captain Hall and the two lieutenants from the 67th Company: Lt. Danilo Ahrn, who is in charge of the squads at North and South Gate, and Lt. Westus Hall, who is in charge of the defense of Westwatch. Dirk and Targ are assigned to squads under Lt. Hall’s command. After the group gives their report, Captain Hall asks Lt. Ahrn what the status of North and South Gate is. Lt. Ahrn reluctantly admits that the squads at the keeps haven’t reported their status in days. Captain Hall asks for volunteers to seek out the goblin warband operating in the Westwatch valley and to seek out Carla’s son. The group volunteers for the mission.
  • Instead of returning to the camp where the group fought warband commander Krazer and freed Aag, Baag, and Zevin, the group decides to travel to Rastor’s Keep to inspect it. The leave Zevin in prison under the Order of the Guards’ care, but are accompanied by Aag and Baag.
  • The group spends most of two days traveling the near-forgotten road that leads to Rastor’s Keep. When they arrive, they are greeted by the smoke of a campfire and the smell of roasted animal. They approach with caution and see a single dwarven warrior and a dire board steed amongst the ruins of the keep. They are clearly standing guard over a trapdoor.
  • The group recognizes the dwarf as a member of clan Stannum and a follower of Arn, the god of war. It is clear the dwarf is traveling with the female dwarven Red Knight (paladin) of Arn who took possession of Kaleb and Samuel. Suspecting the dwarf may attack humans on sight, Kiitos and Targ approach the dwarf, trying to elicit information from him, while Valen and Dirk hide.
  • The dwarf is immediately suspicious, and eventually a melee breaks out. During the fight, Dirk is grievously wounded and Baag is killed. Aag – enraged at the death of his brother – deals the death blow to the dwarven warrior.
  • Valen heals Dirk and performs last rites hastily for Baag before the group moves quickly to inspect the trap door. It leads down a worked stone chute, which ends at a natural passage reinforced with worked stone. The passageway serves as a burial ground for hundreds of human skeletons. In the distance, the group can hear faint, plaintive wails.
  • The group follows the passage until it ends in a large chamber. There they spy the Red Knight and her other dwarven warrior companion. The group watches as they study a door marked “Do not open this door. Only death lies beyond.” The wailing is much longer and more frantic. It is clearly coming from behind the door. The group continues to watch, as the Red Knight studies the door and then whispers an incantation. The door opens and the group sees a chamber beyond filled with a pile of remains. Rising from the remains is the ghost of a dwarven female paladin holding aloft a massive great sword. The ghost bears a striking resemblance to the Red Knight.


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