Session 1

Session 1

Session 1 (2 October 2013)

Location, Date, and Time 

Westwatch, Duchy of Bragdon

First Justice, Third Tenday of Rebirth, 1694 AE

Early Afternoon


  • After a few rounds of losing, Erus begins accusing members of the group of cheating. Things get heated but are interrupted when a grasswalker farmer named Carnish Valin comes bursting into the Cracked Dice and yelling, “They’re d-d-dead! Someone killed them! They’re all dead!”
  • Carnish tells Captain Hall and the group that he came upon the wreckage of a pair of wagons and six dead humans on his way to Westwatch. Erus commands the group to accompany him to investigate.
  • The group finds the wreckage, but only two bodies. A quick investigation reveals that a carrion crawler has taken the other bodies under the wreckage and is feeding on them. The party makes quick work of the carrion crawler.
  • After the battle, the group finds the tracks of the group that attacked the wagons, and they also find evidence that the group has prisoners. Captain Hall – who had injured himself during the battle – returns to Westwatch but tells the party to follow the tracks.
  • The group follows the tracks into the woods along the eastern edge of the Westwatch Vale.


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